Boy With No Job Turns 30: Celebrating Our CEO & Founder

5 min

It all started with a vision, a passion, and, believe it or not, an Aperol Spritz. To celebrate our CEO and Founders' BIG 30th Birthday, we are looking back at
Spritz Society's inception and how @boywithnojob made it all possible!

When creating Spritz Society, Ben set out to create the perfect canned cocktail that set itself apart from other RTD brands by being honest, flavorful, and honestly pretty to look at. With over 1 million Instagram followers to his name- Ben looked to his followers for opinions on flavors, design, and everything in between. Making this not just a labor of love for Ben but his community- The Spritz Society.


Let’s have a toast to Ben and the 4 flavors you helped him create bt taking 20% off all orders for the next 24 hours (USE CODE: BDAYSZN).

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