Introducing Spritz Society: Your new favorite sparkling cocktail!

Spritz Society was founded on the idea that taste matters. Taste helps us make the most of the moment — and life is too short for drinks you don’t love.

So we take real, recognizable ingredients and pack them into convenient sparkling cocktails you can take anywhere. We’re intentional about how we make them, from real wine to real flavors, because our community appreciates the little things.

If you believe every moment is worth elevating, you’re in the society. Everyone is welcome. We’re brought together by great taste.

Our Values

We believe in taste.
We make our cocktails as delicious as possible. Because taste matters. Our ingredients naturally work together to create flavors we’re proud of.

We tell it like it is.
We use real ingredients that you can recognize. We’re transparent about what we believe, because our mission is core to our founding story.

We’re here for our community.
We created Spritz Society to bring people together. As we laid the groundwork, we asked hundreds of those people what they wanted from their perfect beverage. We won’t stop working for them.

We make moments.

When it comes down to it, we exist to help people create special moments and enjoy life. We do our best to live up to those moments. And we’re grateful to be a part of them.

Brought together by great taste