No More Green Beer Here! Green Spritz Society is the only thing we’re drinking this St. Patty’s Day


This St. Patty's Day, it's time to ditch the green beer and opt for Spritz Society. Here are two ways to sip Spritz with your friends this St. Patty’s Day.

Spend St. Patty’s Day With Spritz Society

There are so many ways to add a little sparkle to your weekend activities. Our colorful, convenient and award winning cocktails make the perfect addition to your pre-game or just to have handy in the fridge. Did you know that you can find Spritz Society on Go-Puff, Drizly, and Instacart? Plug in your zip code and have it delivered straight to your door. 

Replace Your Green Beer with Spritz Society 

If you would prefer a festive and easy to make cocktail, we got you covered. Enter: The Shamrock Spritz, the perfect drink for celebrating St Patty's Day in style!


This fun and festive cocktail is sure to be the hit of your St. Patty's Day celebration. All you need is two ingredients and just a little bit of luck.


Add your Shamrock Shake Glitter Bomb to a cocktail glass of your choosing, pour that can of Spritz Society Lemon over, and watch the St. Patty's magic takeover! Garnish with a lemon, and enjoy.

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