Spritz Society x The Skinny Confidential: Launches New Limited Edition Pink Lemonade Flavor


Spritz Society partnered with The Skinny Confidential to create a limited edition flavor unlike anything you've ever tasted. Featuring a vibrant pink-hued color and eye-catching pink packaging, Pink Lemonade is made with real white wine and natural fruit flavors, staying true to our foundation of delicious, all-natural, low-sugar beverages.

Why The Skinny Confidential? 

Partnering with Lauryn and The Skinny Confidential was a no-brainer for us. It comes right behind Dear Media investing in Spritz Society. 


But seriously, TSC is an advocate for all things that we at Spritz Society believe in - taste, convenience, and, most importantly, clean and transparent ingredients. "Spritz and TSC have the most incredible communities. And to bring them together, it just feels fun, it feels on brand, it feels very Spritzy!" said Lauryn Bosstick - Creator & Host of The Skinny Confidential.


Lauryn has been a loyal Spritz drinker since our launch and she is so excited to bring this new flavor to the Spritz Society and Skinny Confidential communities!

Why Pink Lemonade?

The new Limited Edition Pink Lemonade flavor was a winner among those we polled in Lauryn Bosstick's community. "Pink Lemonade just made the most sense...It was a little homage to how I like lemon on [f*cking] everything,” "It’s punchy, cheeky, and effervescent." Says Bosstick when describing the flavor. Plus, who doesn't love a good Pink Lemonade drink?

Best Way to Drink Pink Lemonade 


We asked Lauryn what she thinks the best way to drink Spritz Society Pink Lemonade is. These are here top two favorites - 

  • Make it Fancy: Whether you're at a friend's house having a drink of Pink Lemonade or on the couch having a relaxing night in, elevating your Spritz is super easy! Grab your favorite wine glass and add some ice. Then pour your Pink Lemonade in and add a sprig of basil for a fun twist. 

  • On the Go: If you're in a rush and running out to hang with friends, throw a few cans of Spritz Society in your bag with a pixie straw for some added fun! 

We can't wait for you to get your hands on the Spritz Society Pink Lemonade! You can now shop the launch for a limited time. Let us know what you think and what your favorite way to enjoy this delicious and flavorful new cocktail is. 

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