Trick Your Friends With This Treat of A Recipe


Like most of you, we’re obsessed with SpookySZN. What we’re not obsessed with is the time and prep it takes to make everything party perfect. Because why would we want to waste time on anything other than finding the perfect costume or raiding our nephew's candy stash? 


But even though we may not love it, you’ll never see us showing up to the Halloween party empty-handed or having guests over without a delicious cocktail to offer. How do we do it? We’ll let you in on our best-sipped secret… Spritz Society canned sparkling cocktails. We serve them as is over ice with a special garnish, or we add a spirit to give our cocktails that extra kick! Follow the recipe below for our go-to Halloween cocktail recipe: Try at your own risk (Your friends won't stop asking you to make it!)\




  • 6 oz. Spritz Society Blood Orange
  • 1 oz. Tequila
  • 1/2 oz. Cointreau

Garnish with a slice of Blood Orange

P.S Rumor has it, Spritz Society Blood Orange is made with real blood…

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